Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We are helping to make the world a little greener

a is for Apple Park where the Picnic Pals play and the apples grow in the shape of hearts. 
Our naturally hypoallergenic plush toys and accessories are handmade with love & eco-friendly materials including 100% organic cotton, natural silk and sustainable corn, soy and hemp.  They are free from toxins and harmful chemicals.

Apple Park products are good for our health, our environment, our children and our future!

The Apple Park line is made up of 5 plush pal toys that live and play in Apple Park and love to picnic under their favorite apple tree!


Mischievous Monkey- loves to climb and sing on just about everything, including you! A strong 100% organic cotton tail comes in mighty handy for such monkey business.

Little Lamby- loves to dance and can really move those four blue hoofs.  Recycled plastic pellets keep Lamby’s hooves swinging.

Cuddly Cubby- is insatiably curious and wants to know everything there is to know, especially about you! Whisper your secrets into his natural silk ears... he won’t tell.

Shy Bunny-With those long soft silky ears, shy Bunny is an excellent listener.  Cuddle up with Bunny and your favorite bedtime book. 

Ducky- is always chuckling about something and will make you smile too.  Ducky’s soft down is 100% organic cotton and filled with laughter and sustainable stuffing. 

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